How it works

$77 a month 0 down


Before water can enter your home, it must first pass through your Maytag® water treatment system.

Unconditioned water enters the mineral tank, which contains a proprietary blend of multiple filtering medias that act like magnets, attracting the undesirable contaminants to their surface and separating them from the water.

Then, the clean, treated water flows back up the riser tube to be distributed throughout your home.

Next, treated water from the brine tank– the mineral tank’s trusty sidekick –recharges the filtering media so your Maytag® water treatment system can stay ready to treat your water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


The Maytag® water treatment system saves money and conserves resources through a process called Upflow Proportional Regeneration – a fancy term for an innovative process that only regenerates the depleted portion of the media. And since your Maytag® water treatment system is more efficient than other water treatment systems in regard to water and salt usage, it’s environmentally friendly too.