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When you have a Maytag® water conditioner in your home, there’s a little something extra inside.

Hardworking, American dependability.

Dependability means protecting your family from the adverse effects of untreated water.
All day. Every day. So take a shower, wash your clothes, and drink your water without a care. Your Maytag® water treatment system has it all under control.

Because a water treatment system that’s designed, engineered, and assembled in America has a certain standard to live up to you. One that lets you proudly wear the name Maytag.

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The Maytag® Apr Series Water Conditioner treats the water coming into your home, providing not only luxurious refined water, but also the peace of mind that comes with Maytag.

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Pure H2O
Amazing service and product. Since having the Maytag Filtration system installed in my home I have peace of mind knowing my family has clean purified water to drink and use. ...